20 Years in the Greater Manchester Police

My Police Pension

The Police pension scheme of which I am a member is outlined under the Police Pension Regulations of 1987 which were in turn made under the auspices of the Police Pension Act 1976. Since being awarded my injury pension part of the Police Pension Regulations of 1987 have been repealed and replaced by The Police (Injury Benefit) Regulations 2006 (Statutory Instrument 2006 No. 932), which are virtually identical. As of April 2006 all new recruits will join a new pension scheme unless they decide to opt out.

Prior to 1988 membership of the pension scheme was compulsory with contributions being 1 penny per week less than 11% of pay. The scheme catered not only for retirement at normal retirement age but also retirement through ill health and injury on duty.

The injury pension is calculated not only on length of service, but on the impact of the injury on a members capacity to earn. There are four injury bands:-

  • Band 1 Slight disability 1-25% disabled
  • Band 2 Minor disability 26-50% disabled
  • Band 3 Major disability 51-75% disabled
  • Band 4 Very severe disablement 76-100% disabled

I was initially assessed as being in band 1 when I initially retired. This was fair as I was able to return to work as a civilian Scenes of Crime Officer.
As my condition deteriorated I submitted a request for reassessment of my disability and thus my pension level in October 1999. The decision regarding the disability level is taken by one of the force medical officers.

I was seen by a force doctor in December 1999 who then deferred the decision pending liaison with the specialist treating me. I again saw the same doctor in March 2000. I was subsequently awarded a scale 2 pension (Minor Disability, having been adjudged as being 40% disabled). This became payable in April which just happens to be the start of the new financial year.

Following advice I appealed this assessment. A report from my Neurologist, who was also a renowned expert in medical-legal work, assessed my disability as adjudged by the rules of the Police Pension scheme to be 95-98% (remember this is based not only on the injury received but on the capacity to earn which is at the moment and for the foreseeable future nil). This assessment of my disability is well over twice as high as the police assessment.

This assessment was finally agreed by the police in July 2001

In 2004 the Home Office published a circular 46/2004 which recommended reduction of pensions at certain ages. This circular which was advisory only, stated that reductions should not be made if "cogent reasons" could be given for such reductions to be waived. Following much correspondence with my former force I was advised that my circumstances fitted the category of such reasons and that my pension would not be reduced under the auspices of the Home Office guidance. A website for former police officers regarding Home Office circular 46/2004 has been set up and can be accessed at www.pipin.org.uk (opens in a new window).

Home Office circular 007/2012 advises that following a decision in the High court, judicial review in case of Simpson, certain guidance in Home Office circular 46/2004 was unlawful and that the advice regarding police injury pension award reviews are cancelled. See the Home Office circular 007/2012 for full details.

Because of the High Court decisions the injury pension reviews were put on hold but as of April 2013 some forces have again started injury pension reviews.

Latest details regarding pensions can be found on the National Association of Retired Police Officers website (opens in a new window).

I have been contacted by several people wanting to know where to access copies of the Police Pension Regulations 1987. A copy of the full act can be accessed at Here (opens in a new window),a large amount of ancillary information at Her Majesty's Stationary Office (Opens in a new window) and then use their very good search engine.

More information can also be obtained from The Home Office Web Site (opens in a new window). This site lists many of the Home Office circulars sent to police forces regarding the implementation of the pension scheme. There is an on site search facility.